Bumpers/ Spacers

The feet we offer (so called bumpers or spacers) can be used as feet and pads placed under various accessories. They can also act as spacers or bumpers. Moreover, they are often used as anti-slip elements or vibration and noise dampers.

Our spacers are made of 100% polyurethane coated on one side with strong acrylic adhesives which have excellent anti-slip properties and do not damage the mating surface.

Self-adhesive feet features:

  • no cracking phenomenon,
  • invariability of the structure,
  • low abrasion,
  • high coefficient of friction,
  • ease of application,
  • high resistance to most solvents.

The spacers are available in a wide range of colours, shapes and sizes. They can be round, square, flat, cylindrical and conical, in a variety of colours: ranging from completely transparent, through white, beige and subdued colours, to black.

We can produce customized solutions using various materials and in any shapes.