Double-sided and transfer tapes

Our offer includes top quality double-sided and transfer tapes which, thanks to their excellent properties related to different materials’ joining and various parameters, meet the expectations of the most demanding customers. They are used in a great number of industries and allow for effective material joining. We supply them in various forms – depending on the customer’s individual needs.

Top quality adhesive tape

Double-sided tapes are tapes where both sides of the carrier – usually PET film, PP film or non-woven fabric, have been coated with adhesive, whereas a transfer tape (membrane) is a layer of adhesive of various thickness secured with a paper liner.

Both double-sided adhesive tapes and transfer tapes, i.e. the so called membranes, ensure durable and effective joining and bonding of the following materials (substrates)

  • paper,
  • metal, aluminium,
  • glass, ceramics,
  • rubber,
  • fabric,
  • painted surfaces,
  • UPVC, soft PVC,
  • PE, PP,
  • ABS,
  • acrylic,
  • polystyrene,
  • polycarbonate

Transfer tape’s another application is materials’ surface lamination. Various thickness adhesive membranes bond permanently even with rough surfaces.

Adhesive membranes can be delivered in the following forms:

  • rolls of predetermined width,
  • laminated kiss cut and die cut elements,

Buy and enjoy our products!

Each double-sided and transfer tape available in our company’s offer is a proven product the quality of which has been confirmed by the certificates awarded. We fulfil complex orders within a short time frame offering attractive rates. Contact us, we look forward to receiving your orders for adhesive tapes meeting all your expectations.