Our offers includes felts with various parameters and applications. Thanks to using top quality materials – both natural and synthetic ones- we can provide you with reliable products meeting your expectations.


We produce elements die-cut in 1-20 mm thick felt. They are mainly used as:

  • buffers
  • shock absorbers
  • dry bearings and bushings
  • sharp edges’ protection
  • protection against scratching
  • vibration dampening


Our offer includes felts produced of various components. Depending on the composition used, we can divide them into:

  • natural felt, belonging to the category of textile materials, it is irreplaceable in a great number of applications; it does not contain any synthetic elements; its major advantages include above average strength and high temperature resistance;
  • synthetic felt which, due to its properties and strength, is used in the production of a great variety of products.


The use of felt depends on the given application’s requirements. Each type of a felt die-cut produced by our company can also be available in a self-adhesive version.


Natural and synthetic felts – application

The felt available in our offer is of the top quality, which means above-average durability and versatility of use. That is why it can be successfully used in every industry branch and it will allow for the production of various types of products. It can also be used as a form of protection against scratches and vibrations or as a sharp edge protection.

Please contact us and tell us what your needs are – we approach every customer individually and we can tailor our offer to meet your requirements. We will also answer any questions concerning felt or other products available in our offer.