Die-cut products

Regardless of your company’s business profile or your industry sector, we offer proven and modern converting solutions. As an experienced manufacturer of gaskets and washers, we offer products in the form of kiss-cut and die-cut elements, such as:

  • gaskets,
  • pads,
  • spacers,
  • badges’ fixing elements,
  • insulation elements,
  • protective and soundproofing systems.

The best tape die-cuts

The most important parameter differentiating between kiss-cut and die-cut versions is thickness. In the case of kiss-cut there are tapes, felt and foams up to approx. 15 mm thick. These are elements cut out to the protective layer, i.e. liner, most often in the form of a roll or sheet. Whereas in the case of die-cuts all the die-cuts are thicker than 15 cm and they are made in accordance with their specifications. Kiss cut technology products are usually delivered to our customers in the form of a roll or sheet, whereas die cut products are only individual pieces in collective packagings.

We offer tape die-cuts, foam die-cuts and micro-rubber die-cuts whereas in production we use rotary die-cut technology and flat bed presses which allow for very precise, repeatable and efficient production of both small runs and large serial batches.

The die-cuts we produce are usually created with special customer requirements taken into account and they are adapted to conditions such as:

  • material type,
  • density,
  • thickness,
  • shape,
  • adhesive layer,
  • form of delivery.

Die-cut elements’ manufacturer looks forward to cooperating with you!

Our specialists’ extensive experience and professionalism, high quality die-cuts and almost unlimited (in terms of material) production capacities have been recognized by the largest entrepreneurs of the automotive, industrial and household appliances sectors, making us one of the most developed and most frequently chosen converting companies in Poland.

The tests we conduct most frequently in material production include:

  • PE foams,
  • PU foams,
  • PUR foams,
  • EPDM rubber,
  • single- and double sided adhesive tapes,
  • felt.

At your request, all the elements may be additionally coated with an adhesive layer, which facilitates and shortens the application time. As a valued manufacturer of die-cut elements, we have a modern machine park enabling us to meet any challenge both in terms of technology, quality and quantity of the elements produced.

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