Priming and cleaning

Priming is one of the ways to increase adhesion between bonded surfaces. This method is used mainly when bonding low surface energy products. It also works when one needs to reduce the risk of two bonded elements’ separation or when the surface is exposed to large breaking force.

The priming process consists in coating the surface of some material, e.g. glass or plastic, with the right primer which, thanks to its properties, reacts with the material creating a strong and stable bond. After priming, the material gains a new surface where you can apply adhesive layers or which you can easily join with other products.

We offer the following primer application systems:

  • plastic tips;
  • replaceable tip refills: natural technical felts, synthetic felts, foams;
  • felt brushes;
  • bottles;
  • containers – docking stations.

Our Products

Surface priming, cleaning and preparation