Technical adhesives

As an experienced manufacturer of parts and accessories addressed to various industry sectors, we can offer high-class technical adhesives. They are products ensuring permanent bonding of various surfaces, moreover, they bond quickly and are distinguished by above-average strength properties. Thanks to the wide product range, you can order the specific adhesive that meets your requirements and technical specifications.

Which technical adhesive should you choose?

We provide you with numerous types of technical adhesives for different applications. We offer:

  • cyanoacrylate adhesives,
  • anaerobic adhesives,
  • one and two component adhesives,
  • UV adhesives,
  • polyurethane adhesives,
  • hot-melt adhesives.

Contact our specialists directly, they will assist you in selecting the product you need.

Our technical adhesives’ applications:

  • rubber adhesive,
  • metal adhesive,
  • wood adhesive,
  • adhesive for plastic and other materials,

In order to facilitate the process of adhesive application, we can offer relevant technological solutions – dispensing systems. We can assist you in the selection of the right control unit and the adhesive application entire system in the production process.

We look forward to receiving your orders!

As gluing techniques specialists, we offer a wide variety of products that will enable you to join various types of materials and surfaces permanently. We also provide professional advice and quick order processing.

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