Our offer includes products made of micro-rubber (EPDM) which, thanks to their great versatility and diversity of use, meet the diverse expectations of our customers. Synthetic rubber enables to produce a material called micro-rubber which can be found under various trade names, i.e. EPDM, EVA, NBR, SBR or microporous rubber. We deal with it every day, because its properties allow us to create various types of products made of micro-rubber, such as:

  • sealing tapes of various types,
  • anti-slip floor coverings,
  • rubber gaskets,
  • insulation and soundproofing,
  • spacing elements,
  • buffers,
  • computer mouse pads,
  • advertising gadgets,
  • inserts for various types of clothing (work, protective and sportswear),

We offer micro-rubber in various varieties that allow to produce a great variety of products. We offer:

  • neoprene,
  • EPDM,
  • SBR,

What distinguishes micro-rubber?

Micro-rubber is a material characterized primarily by low liquid absorption and excellent properties – both heat-insulation and shock-absorption. It provides excellent sealing and protection against dust, dirt or noise, having a very wide application. In addition, it can come in various forms. Our offer also includes micro-rubber in the form of die-cuts, tapes, single -and double- sided adhesive elements produced upon order and according to customer needs.

Micro-rubber general parameters are as follows:

  • thickness ranging from 1 to 35 mm (larger thickness is obtained by lamination),
  • density from 60 to 600 kg/m3,
  • hardness from 25 to 50 °Sh.

We look forward to receiving your orders!

Our company fulfils micro-rubber orders individually, tailoring our offer to meet your needs. The offer includes durable products offering wide possibilities as regards production of various types of products. Should you have any questions or wish to place an order, contact our specialists directly.