Sector Electronics

Production of parts for the electronics industry is a specific area of our business.

SThese solutions are designed to meet both very high technical standards and stringent safety standards. This motivates us to make every effort to maintain high quality of the products offered, and also translates into a complicated production process. For over a dozen years we have successfully faced these requirements, which results in long-term relationships with companies operating in the electronics sector.

Offer of protective tapes and films, gaskets and more

We offer high quality gaskets, protective tapes and printed circuit board protection tapes, as well as protective films and a great number of other products widely used in a variety of industries.

The following materials, among others, are used in the production of electronics industry goods:

  • cellular rubber (EPDM),
  • neoprene,
  • polyethylene (PE) foams,
  • polyurethane (PU) foams,

Parts made of these materials feature sophisticated shapes and non-standard dimensions and they can be used even in very specific conditions.

Ready-made solutions for the electronics sector include:

  • printed circuit board protection tapes,
  • protective films,
  • gaskets protecting displays and precision electronics.

Elements made of PU and PE foams are used as packaging fillings protecting against moisture, dust and vibration during transport and storage.

We look forward to receiving your orders!

Our offer includes only the best gaskets, protective films and tapes that are created thanks to a carefully developed production process, a modern machine park and our employees’ professionalism. That’s why we are able to meet our customers’ expectations and fulfil even the most complex orders. We look forward to our fruitful cooperation!

Converting products applications in the electronics sector