Sector Glass Industry

Glass industry grows dynamically every year. Glass is a very popular material in both construction and on the automotive market. New glass processing technologies are introduced every year by improving production machines; technological innovations and user facilities are constantly developed as well.

In order to meet current trends or even set them, we constantly strive to improve our products.

We offer the following materials designed to protect glass panes in transit:

glass pane separators:

  • cork pads,
  • foam pads,
  • plastic pads,
  • other solutions (plastic rakes, foam rakes, distance foams);

protective products:

  • protective tapes,
  • protective tape die-cuts,
  • PE foam sections,
  • PU foams,
  • plastic corners,
  • polyurethane foam strips,
  • insulation tapes,
  • aluminium sealing tapes.
Applications of converting products in glass-making: