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We provide security solutions dedicated to the transport of insulating glass, automotive glass and for the transport of windows and doors so that they reach their destination intact. Our products are designed specifically to ensure our customers can safely transport their glass products in a variety of conditions, eliminating the risk of damage.

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custom solutions for glass transportation

flat glass

Solutions for the safe transport of glass and insulating glass.

automotive glass

Solutions for automotive glass production and transport processes.

windows and doors

Solutions for the safe transport of windows and doors.

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We design, research and improve solutions for glass and window manufacturers, offering the highest quality products that support the glass production process and protect products during transport. Our solutions are created in close cooperation with the largest glass producers. By actively cooperating with them, we improve our products to protect increasingly delicate glass elements against damage during transport.
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discover flat glass

We offer solutions that protect glass during transport. In the flat glass production industry, safe transport is very important, which is why we pay attention to every detail. We constantly adapt to the dynamic requirements of the industry, improving our products to meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers.

product features flat glass

Our glass protection solutions not only provide protection against damage, but also focus on maintaining the structural integrity of the glass during transportation.

  • Spacers

  • Sealing

  • Mounting

  • Surface protection

  • Preparation of the glass surface

  • Labeling

discover automotive glass

We offer solutions to protect car windows during transport. In the automotive industry, safe transport of automotive glass is extremely important, so every detail matters. To meet the needs of the industry, our products have been carefully developed and rigorously tested to meet the highest standards of quality and safety.

product features automotive glass

Our products protect the glass during transport, protecting it against scratches, shocks and other mechanical damage that may occur while the glass is moving from the manufacturer to the indicated installation site.

  • Sealing

  • Mounting

  • Preparation of the glass surface

  • Labeling

  • Spacers

discover windows and doors

We provide high-quality solutions, ensuring optimal protection of windows and doors during transport. We are aware that every detail is important for window and door manufacturers. Therefore, the solutions we offer are carefully developed and tested to ensure that windows are transported without damage.

discover windows and doors

Our products are designed to protect windows and doors transported to the endpoint. To meet the needs of the industry, we constantly improve our solutions, ensuring that they meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers. Our security products protect against damage during transport, eliminating the risk of damage.

  • Sealing

  • Mounting

  • Labeling

  • Spacers

why us

Since 2003, we have specialized in providing solutions for securing glass during transport. Additionally, our offer includes converting services, which include cutting details from various types of materials and shaping them according to individual customer requirements. We are proud of our experience and ability to provide comprehensive solutions both in the field of glass protection and the production of precision components through converting.
stable product

Our products are characterized by stability thanks to the use of only proven raw materials. We ensure consistent quality, which translates into customer confidence and trust.

monitoring quality

Each batch of manufactured elements undergoes rigorous quality monitoring. Thanks to this, we ensure the highest standards, eliminating potential defects.


Our many years of experience and cooperation with the largest glass producers translate into unique know-how. We have deep industry knowledge, enabling us to provide the most effective solutions.

wide range of products

A large selection of products allows us to adapt to the various needs of our customers. The flexibility of our offer allows for individual solutions

individual approach

We are committed to providing solutions dedicated to customer needs. Our approach is based on understanding the unique requirements and expectations of each client.

production stability

Our repeatable product is characterized by stable quality and parameters. This ensures not only consistency, but also effectiveness in project implementation.

modern machine park

We have a modern machine park, which allows us to adapt the production line to specific projects. We are ready to invest in new machines to meet various customer requirements.

predictability and timely deliveries

Our clients can be sure that the order will be completed according to schedule. We strive to ensure predictability and on-time deliveries, which is key to the satisfaction of our business partners

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delivery methods of our products

Providing flexibility and comfort, we offer two delivery methods: direct and using an extensive network of distributors.

Direct deliveries carried out by our team Deliveries organized by our distributors

design and research solutions

To ensure the highest quality and safety standards in the transport of windows, doors, automotive glass and insulating glass, we test the behavior of our products in road conditions. Our tests reflect the real operating conditions of a given product. When selecting material, we rely on reliable, real data collected ourselves. We perform, among others: measuring the forces and conditions prevailing during the transport of glass and windows, which allows us to better understand the challenges related to the protection of these products. Thanks to this approach, we deliver effective, data-driven solutions that not only meet but exceed our clients' expectations.

Case study

A peeling seal in a car door

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A client specializing in packaging car windows was experiencing a serious problem with numerous breaks during transport. High costs of complaints and additional production related to glass damage significantly burdened the company. There was a need to identify and eliminate the causes of damage, which was a challenge for the client.


We carried out a detailed analysis of the amount of glass transported, identifying the areas of greatest risk of damage. Together with the client, we developed several concepts for a new packaging model. We have prepared test products from various materials (cork, foam) and with different adhesive properties. We also carried out a series of window packaging tests and transport tests, identifying positive aspects and areas for improvement.


We have developed a new glass packaging system, consisting of 4 product groups, each of which was designed to eliminate a different type of problem. This system has been carefully adapted to the customer’s needs, taking into account the specificity of the transported products.


After introducing the new packaging system, the number of breakages dropped to virtually zero, which confirmed the success of the project. The client has been using this solution for 9 years, which proves its effectiveness and lasting impact on improving the quality of car glass transport. Thanks to cooperation and analysis, it was possible not only to identify problems, but also to solve them effectively, contributing to savings and increasing the efficiency of logistics processes. industries we support We optimize our solutions and products, adapting them to the specific challenges faced by various industries. We treat each project individually, taking into account the unique requirements of a given market sector. automotive glass

industries we support

We optimize our solutions and products, adapting them to the specific challenges faced by various industries. We treat each project individually, taking into account the unique requirements of a given market sector.

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