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We are one of the leading players in the European packaging market. Approximately 20% of all packaging companies in the European Union are located in Poland, employing 14% of the industry's workers in the EU. The value of production in the packaging sector is comparable to the furniture or machinery industries.

Importantly, the Polish packaging industry is distinguished by its high level of even development between the various segments. Even in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, unlike in many other sectors, it did not suffer any significant disruptions.


we apply

our advantages in the packaging industry

Our advantages in the packaging industry result from a wide range of factors, including design innovation, advanced production technologies, and a sustainable approach to manufacturing processes. We work with leading raw material suppliers, allowing us to provide customers with the highest quality packaging and to meet their individual needs and expectations. Our solutions are based on a holistic approach, considering aesthetics, functionality, and the ecological aspects of production. As a result, we are not only able to meet the challenges posed by the market but also exceed its expectations, shaping the future of the packaging industry.
stable product

Reproducible product quality from implementation to series production.


Expert selection of manufacturing technology and material tailored to the customer's needs.


Only verified raw materials/components.

application examples

We have and are still developing a database of applications of our products in every industry. This enables us to select the right material and technology faster and better.
  • Automotive parts packaging

  • Medical and diagnostic equipment packaging

  • Chemical packaging

  • Electronics packaging

  • Home appliances packaging

  • Automotive glass packaging

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team work and customer service

The project leader and various departments: quality, engineering, logistics are involved in the process of creating customised solutions. Our team of experts carefully analyses every detail, considering the specific project requirements, type of material, manufacturing technology and delivery method. With such a comprehensive approach we are able to provide products that meet the most stringent requirements, ensuring the full satisfaction of our customers.
  • first contact

    Each process starts with a meeting and conversation with the customer in order to listen carefully and identify their needs and problems.

  • assessment

    We perform a detailed assessment to obtain the information necessary to understand the customer's situation.

  • concept

    Based on previous analyses and collected data, we present the customer with our concept for solving their problem.

  • offer

    We prepare a personalized offer tailored to the customer's needs and present it in a clear and understandable way.

  • samples

    Based on the approved concept, we produce samples. The customer can use them to test the solution in production conditions. This is necessary for process validation.

  • acceptance

    After testing, the customer accepts the presented solution or reports items for improvement. If a given solution does not meet customer's expectations, we develop a new concept.

  • order acceptance and implementation

    When the technical and commercial conditions have been accepted, we proceed with the execution of the order.

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