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our technological facilities

We care about the development of our technological capabilities to provide the best solutions. Every year we invest in new machines and devices that allow us to implement newer products and improve the efficiency of production processes while ensuring the quality of the delivered assortment. Our park enables the production of complex, multi-dimensional products for the most demanding industries.


The cleanroom laboratory allows us to control the amount of particles and pollutants present in the air, as well as the parameters of humidity, temperature and pressure. Production in such a room is necessary when the product requires a high level of cleanliness.

Cleanroom has a separate machine park and an independent laboratory. Here we have the opportunity to constantly monitor environmental conditions, measure the number of particles generated in the process and the dimensions of the product. Regular cleanliness audits and inspections are carried out in accordance with the VDA 19.1 standard and the ISO 14644 room classification. Moreover, our work standard is in accordance with the VDA 19.2 standard.

Careful documentation and analysis of cleanliness measurement results are essential for continuous process improvement. Thanks to this, we provide our customers with a product that meets the required industry standards.

  • 165 m2
  • internal laboratory
  • ISO cleanliness class 8
  • Qualified staff
  • All standards met
  • Modern machinery


One of our advantages is a modern laboratory that allows us to perform various tests according to customer requirements. We also cooperate with accredited external laboratories such as Bosmal, IMPiB. Our specialists carefully check whether the product meets the manufacturers' specifications and customer requirements. Products are tested for various applications, potential problems, errors and deviations are analyzed, and only satisfactory materials are approved.

quality control

Laboratory work allows us to maintain the quality of selections at the highest level and improve technology by introducing more modern production solutions and meet the needs of the industries we cooperate with.

  • delivery control process

    Our suppliers are assessed not only on the basis of their certificates, but also on the results of inspections carried out by our internal laboratory. This comprehensive quality control system allows us to ensure that all materials used in the production process comply with the highest quality standards. The operation of this system guarantees not only external compliance, but also full confidence in the quality of the materials we use in our production.

  • control during the process

    CVGS is a company with twenty years of experience, during which we have perfectly developed optimal inspection methods and their frequency. Our expertise includes not only dimensional inspection, but also carrying out tests such as adhesion assessment, perforation tests and precise KISS-CUT and DIE-CUT cuts. In our business, the priority is to maintain high quality awareness of our employees, which translates into excellent results in the area of quality control.

  • output control

    In our company, the output control system includes not only standard shipment control in accordance with documentation and identification, but also random product audits are carried out by the quality department. As part of these audits, we carefully check several key elements that are important for the quality of the final product. We control the dimensions, ensuring full compliance with the established specifications. We carefully assess the quality of cutting. Additionally, we check whether the packaging method used is appropriate and protects the products in accordance with our requirements.

  • tests we perform

    - 90 and 180 degree peel test - density testing - compression and recovery tests - testing in a climatic chamber - cleanliness control - product inspection - initial tack test

  • quality control tools

    Komora klimatyczna Memmert CTC256 W skrócie, komory klimatyczne są niezbędnym narzędziem w dzisiejszym środowisku badawczym i produkcyjnym, pozwalając na przeprowadzanie precyzyjnych testów w kontrolowanych warunkach atmosferycznych. Maszyny wytrzymałościowe Główne zastosowanie do badań przyczepności warstw klejowych wg metdo peel 90° oraz 180° oraz test loop tack. Pozwalają również na na przeprowadzanie różnorodnych testów, takich jak rozciąganie, wydłużenie, kompresję, co umożliwia pełną ocenę właściwości mechanicznych materiałów. Precyzyjna waga Do badań gęstości materiałów Mikroskop pomiarowy KEYENCE Służący do badań czystości technicznej w naszym Cleanroom oraz z możliwością pomiarową dla detali o max wymiarach 100x100 mm. Utradzwiękowy miernik grubości z funkcją analizy danych Pozwala na analizę grubości dostarczanych materiałów w tym obserwację trendów dostaw. Czy rozkładu grubości dla dostarczanych partii. Systemy wizyjne wykorzystywane do precyzyjnego pomiaru wymiarów wyrobów i zapewnienie 100% kontroli w tym zatrzymanie procesu przy wykryciu detali niezgodnych. Rejetratory temp i wilgotności Służą do monitorowania i zapisywania danych dotyczących temperatury i wilgotności w określonych warunkach procesów, a także umożliwiają dokładne śledzenie zmian warunków otoczenia w celu spełnienia określonych norm i regulacji. Z funkcją alarmowania o przekroczeniu ustalonych warunków. CVGS stosuje je między innymi w laboratorium, na magazynie oraz w procesach wymagających nadzorowanie tych parametrów. Twardościomierz Shore'a: Służy głównie do pomiaru twardości elastomerów i innych miękkich materiałów. Pomiar polega na zanurzeniu specjalnego penetratora w materiał i pomiarze głębokości penetracji.

production facility

A modern production hall with a total area of 7000 m2 is located in two locations. We offer a wide range of technical possibilities thanks to various machines.
  • over 70 employees
  • 7000 m2 of area
  • 2 locations
  • year of establishment 2003
  • ISO and AIATF certification

machine park

Using advanced and diverse machinery, we provide customers with solutions that meet the required standards. Our machines are operated by qualified employees, thus guaranteeing the stability of the process, which is additionally supported by vision systems. This means that each manufactured item is carefully checked for quality before it reaches the customer, for which we take responsibility. Vision systems monitor the parameters of manufactured products.
  • lamination
  • CNC cutting
  • tape cutting
  • bobbin cutting and winding
  • cutting large formats
  • rotary die cutting
  • laser cutting
  • flat die cutting
  • plotter cutting

rapid prototyping

Rapid prototyping is able to reduce the costs associated with implementing a product into series production. Prototype series enable testing the product in a real production environment without the costs of launching full production. Our engineering department can propose making a prototype taking into account the design specifications

engineering department

We strive for maximum efficiency in the process of creating new products in terms of producing elements to secure the transport of windows and converting services. All this to make our customers feel safe. We use modern cutting technologies, such as laser cutting and cutting on a CNC plotter. Our work is based on individual customer standards and the provided technical documentation. In situations where customers do not yet have a specific appearance of the final product, we are able to create prototypes of details using advanced CAD engineering tools.

  • implementing products using the APQP method

    The main goal of APQP is to structure the production process, which includes the most important tasks. APQP involves creating a production quality control plan to ensure customer-satisfactory quality.

  • approval of products for production serial PPAP

    The process of approving parts for series production, known as the Production Part Approval Process (PPAP), plays a key role in the automotive industry. It comes from the American QS-9000 system and includes 18 documents, the most important of which is the PSW (Part Submitted Warranty). PPAP is a special requirement provided by the supplier to confirm that all customer expectations have been met.

  • functional tests together with the quality department

    Thanks to quality tests of our products, we provide customers with reliable solutions.

  • cooperation with technical universities and research institutes

    Thanks to this cooperation, we have additional confidence in the reliability of our solutions.

  • customer support during production

    We provide professional advice at every stage of production.


Our warehouse is a professionally managed and safe facility that provides comprehensive solutions for storing a variety of products.

We have a warehouse area of 1,500 m2, which provides enough space to implement current projects without delays. Additionally, we take care to control humidity and temperature to ensure optimal storage conditions, especially for chemical materials and products requiring special treatment. Our products are carefully managed for expiry dates in accordance with FIFO principles, ensuring that customers receive products with the longest possible shelf life.

  • 1500 m2 of area
  • high storage racks
  • humidity and temperature measurement
  • WMS system with data collectors for warehouse inventory management

IT solutions

We use advanced IT solutions that constitute the foundation of our effective work. Thanks to modern IT systems and software tailored to our needs, we ensure efficient execution of orders.

  • SAP

    Integrated software for managing the entire company with functional extensions tailored to our needs.

  • WMS

    System for managing warehouse stock.

  • CAD

    Professional software for designing individual solutions.

  • BI Qliksense

    Report visualization and advanced data analysis.

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