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double-sided adhesive tapes

Double-sided adhesive tapes are a type of tape that has an adhesive layer on both sides, which allows two surfaces to be attached to each other. Widely used in various industries. They are used to connect, assemble and fasten various materials and objects.

converting production distribution

process of converting of adhesive tapes


Depending on the purpose of our product, we select appropriate groups of materials.


The choice of material is based on the project requirements and matched to the function the detail is to perform.


Matching the manufacturing technology to the project requirements and type of material

we apply

What purpose is the product supposed to fulfill?

The materials we use often have more than one purpose. It is important to choose the material that best suits the technical and economic conditions of the project.
  • sealing
  • connection
  • mounting

selection of optimal materials for the purpose

Each of the materials we offer has unique technical parameters, which means it behaves differently in a given environment and performs different functions. The product know-how built over many years allows us to select a material that will meet the client's objectives faster and more efficiently.
  • transfer tape

    Transfer tapes are a versatile solution for mounting and mounting, which, depending on the type of glue used, is characterized by high adhesion and durability. These tapes offer clean and discreet connections, ideal for applications where aesthetics are important. They are perfect for mounting advertising and decorations , and other applications where a strong, secure connection is important.

  • Non-woven tape (tissue)

    Non-woven tapes, also known as tissue tapes, are lightweight double-sided tapes. Perfect for internal assembly, packaging and other applications where a durable and reliable connection is needed. Tissue tapes ensure quick and clean installation and are easy to apply.

  • scrim

    Scrim tapes are transfer tapes reinforced with mesh that provide exceptional strength and dimensional stability, which is extremely important in the process of laminating (covering) materials with an adhesive layer. Perfect for installing demanding materials, such as floor coverings.

  • PE foam tape

    PE foam tapes are soft and flexible double-sided tapes made of closed-cell polyethylene. They are characterized by excellent shock and vibration absorption, which makes them ideal for mounting vibrating elements such as solar panels or fans. Additionally, PE foam tapes are resistant to moisture and weather conditions, which makes them often used as an assembly element with simultaneous sealing.

  • PVC foam tape

    PVC foam tapes are durable and flexible double-sided tapes made of polyvinyl chloride. They are characterized by excellent adhesion and resistance to weather conditions, which makes them ideal for outdoor installation on various surfaces.

  • O.C.A

    OCA tapes (Optically Clear Adhesive) are transparent double-sided tapes that are characterized by excellent transparency and adhesion. Perfect for mounting LCD screens and other optical elements. OCA tapes ensure clean and invisible connections, without negatively affecting the image quality. Thanks to their high quality and reliability, are widely used in the electronics and optical industries.

our converting techniques

Our machinery has a wide range of production possibilities. Thanks to the variety of machines and tools, we produce products tailored to a specific application.






Production in a cleanroom

application examples

Our set of examples of the applications of converting products in the industry is a guide to the latest technological advancements that are changing the way the industry operates. With our advanced converting solutions, companies can optimize their production processes, increase efficiency and product quality, and reduce operational costs.

  • Sealing

  • Joining

  • Mounting

industries we support

We optimize our solutions and products by adapting them to the specific challenges faced by various industries. Each project is treated individually, taking into account the unique requirements of the particular market sector.

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