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single-sided adhesive tapes

Depending on the function or purpose (standards, materials, temperature), we can distinguish tapes intended for joining, sealing, marking, protection, or with insulating or conductivity-improving properties. Depending on the project requirements, we can use tapes with various types of glue (hot-melt, acrylic, rubber, silicone) or in various versions of media (PE, PVC, PET, paper, fabric, Kapton, etc.)

converting production distribution

converting process of adhesive tapes


Depending on the purpose of our product, we select appropriate groups of materials.


The choice of material is based on the project requirements and matched to the function the detail is to perform.


Matching the manufacturing technology to the project requirements and type of material

we apply

what purpose the product is supposed to fulfill

The materials we use often have more than one purpose. It is important to choose the material that best suits the technical and economic conditions of the project.
  • mocowanie
  • sealing
  • maskowanie
  • thermal isolation
  • acoustic insulation
  • izolacja elektryczna
  • impact protection
  • znakowanie powierzchni

dobór optymalnych

Każdy z materiałów, które oferujemy posiada unikalne parametry techniczne, przez co inaczej zachowuje się w danym środowisku i może realizować różne funkcje. Budowany przez wiele lat know how produktowy pozwala szybciej i sprawniej dobrać materiał, który zrealizuje założenia Klienta.
  • PVC

    PVC tapes, made of high-quality polyvinyl chloride, are durable and flexible. They are perfect for electrical insulation, sealing connections and marking wires. Their resistance to weather conditions makes them irreplaceable in many construction and installation applications.

  • PET

    PET tapes, made of polyester, are characterized by exceptional tensile strength and chemical resistance. Perfect for packaging, fastening and labeling, they are irreplaceable in the packaging industry. Thanks to their durability and dimensional stability, PET tapes guarantee the safety and durability of packaging even in difficult transport and storage conditions. Due to the high thermal resistance of polyester, PET tapes are often used in electrical engineering as insulators. EP

  • PE

    PE tapes, made of polyethylene, are characterized by excellent resistance to moisture and UV radiation. Mainly used for sealing and insulation in the construction industry and for packaging light goods. Their flexibility and ease of application make them a popular choice in many applications.

  • PP

    Tapes with a polypropylene layer are light and durable. Perfect for packing and fastening. They are characterized by high resistance to moisture and chemicals, which makes them irreplaceable in the transport and storage of various goods.

  • DUCT

    Duct tapes, often called repair tapes, are made of durable plastic, reinforced with a mesh of fibers. They have excellent adhesion to various surfaces and high resistance to weather conditions. Perfect for sealing and fastening in ventilation, air conditioning and sewage systems.

  • aluminium

    Aluminum tape is an extremely popular and versatile material that is used in various fields. Its durability, resistance to high and low temperatures and numerous properties make it irreplaceable in many industries. The aluminum tape is characterized by high resistance to weather conditions, chemicals and temperatures up to 100 degrees Celsius. It is often used in installation works as an insulating and sealing layer.

  • paper

    Paper tapes are easy to use and biodegradable, making them an eco-friendly choice for many applications. They are perfect for wrapping, sealing and masking while painting. Their high adhesion and ease of application make them a popular choice in home and industrial applications.

  • fabric

    Fabric tapes, made of durable textile fibers, are characterized by high mechanical strength and tensile resistance. They are perfect for sealing, fixing and protecting surfaces in a variety of construction, renovation and craft applications.

  • protective foil

    Protective tapes and films are flexible and durable protective materials that provide protection against scratches, dirt and damage during transport, installation and use. Mainly used in the construction, furniture and automotive industries, they are irreplaceable for protecting delicate surfaces and elements.

our converting techniques

Our machinery has a wide range of production possibilities. Thanks to the variety of machines and tools, we produce products tailored to a specific application.






Production in a cleanroom

application examples

Thanks to our advanced conversion solutions, companies can optimize their production processes, increase product efficiency and quality, and reduce operational costs. Below we present an example set of applications of single-sided tapes created as a result of converting.

  • Sealing

  • Fixing

  • Connection

  • Labeling

  • Spacers

  • surface protection

  • Camouflage

  • Isolating

industries we support

We optimize our solutions and products, adapting them to the specific challenges faced by various industries. We treat each project individually, taking into account the unique requirements of a given market sector\.

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