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how are we operating

Our services enable the creation of products tailored to the individual needs of each client, which is why each project is unique. Together with the client, step by step, we develop a solution that will meet his expectations. From the moment we become familiar with the project brief until the creation of the final product, we work to ensure excellence at every stage of the process.

expert consulting

We offer consulting based on specialization and practical experience. Each of our advisors has technical resources and skills. The advisor serves as the main point of contact with the customer and is responsible for order-related processes. Our experience includes the implementation of several thousand projects, which allows us to effectively adapt the appropriate solution to a specific client's problem.

collaboration process and customer service

The project leader and various departments: quality, engineering, logistics are involved in the process of creating personalized solutions. Our team of experts carefully analyzes every detail, taking into account specific project requirements, type of material, manufacturing technology and form of delivery. Thanks to a comprehensive approach, we provide products that meet the most stringent requirements, ensuring the full satisfaction of our customers.

  • first contact

    We start the process with a meeting and conversation with the client, aimed at carefully listening to and identifying his needs and problems.

  • diagnosis

    We carry out a detailed diagnosis, during which we obtain the information necessary to understand the client's situation.

  • creating an interdisciplinary team

    We form an interdisciplinary team of specialists who create documentation, conduct risk analysis and develop technical drawings.

  • concept

    Based on previous analyzes and collected data, we present the client with a concept for solving his problem.

  • offer

    We prepare a personalized offer tailored to the client's needs, presenting it in a clear and understandable way.

  • samples

    Based on the approved concept, we produce samples. Thanks to them, the customer tests the solution in production conditions. This is necessary for process validation.

  • acceptance

    After testing, the client accepts the presented solution or reports elements for improvement. If a given solution does not meet expectations, we work on a new concept.

  • acceptance and execution of the order

    After accepting the technical and commercial conditions, we proceed to process the order.

why us

Our mission is to provide modern and functional solutions in the field of converting and security elements for glass transport. We strive to ensure that each product is perfectly matched, meeting the expectations of even the most demanding customers from various industries.

Customer trust and their satisfaction with our solutions are our highest priority. We are ready to meet the most demanding challenges and provide products that meet the expectations of a dynamic market.

partnership in relationships

We build long-term business relationships - the vast majority of our recipients are long-term customers. 89% of our clients are clients with over 5 years of cooperation.

dedicated customer care representative client

A dedicated account manager coordinating the implementation of the project and offering support at the stage of its development in the technical and quality areas.

speed of operation

1. Quick turnaround time for samples required for process validation
2. Fast response time to submitted inquiries - 95% of offers are prepared within 7 business days
3. Speed of action: 24 hours to respond in the event of a customer complaint
4. 24-hour delivery standard, in emergencies situations, we provide dedicated transport.

expert teams, consultations and project managers

According to the APQP plan, we work as a team on a project for the client. The team includes: production engineer, production manager, quality manager, logistics, account manager (project leader) at the offer stage and during project implementation.

free training and workshops for customer representatives

We are open to investing in machinery at the customer's request.

meet our people representatives

cvgs is a team of people whose passion for the industry and commitment to providing the highest quality services make them an integral part of our success. Each cvgs representative is not only a qualified expert in his field, but also a person full of enthusiasm when working with clients. With them, every meeting becomes a pleasant experience, and their knowledge and experience provide solid foundations for lasting business relationships.

  • Waldemar Ścierski

    Key Account Manager
  • Piotr Rewers

    Business Development and Export Manager
  • Kamil Parejko

    Key Account Manager
  • Anna Kuś

    Specjalista ds. wsparcia sprzedaży
  • Adam Sikorski

    Key Account Manager
  • Adrian Szydłowski

    Key Account Manager
  • Radosław Stuligłowa

    Agent Handlowy

how we improve know-how our company's

In our constant pursuit of development and perfection, we systematically expand the company's know-how to always be a step ahead of our clients' new industry challenges. We constantly raise the bar by systematically learning and improving our skills, which means that our product knowledge is always up to date.
  • We track the latest releases introduced to the market by suppliers.

    Thanks to this, we are up to date with dynamic changes in the industry, with the latest trends and innovations.

  • we take part in international fairs

    Participating in events is not only an opportunity to acquire new skills, but also an opportunity to start a dialogue about the industry, customer needs and challenges.

  • we actively participate in workshops and training

    Thanks to this, we remain at the forefront of innovation and effectively respond to changing market requirements.

  • prepared for new regulations

    We offer comprehensive support in adapting solutions to new environmental requirements.

  • machine park

    Every year we invest in new machines and devices, thanks to which we implement new products.

Case study

A peeling seal in a car door

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The customer reported a problem with a car door lock seal peeling off. The seal made of PVC foam was installed at the last stage of production.


After conducting a detailed analysis of the assembly process, we found that the main cause of the problem was the grease on the metal surface on which the gasket was mounted.


We proposed using a blank of masking tape, which was to be applied to the metal element at the first stage of the process. The tape was intended to protect against contamination, eliminating potential adhesion problems. The tape was removed before the seal was applied, which ensured a clean and prepared surface for installation.


Thanks to the proposed solution, we have completely eliminated the possibility of the detail becoming greasy during the process. The seal was installed without any problems and the poor adhesion was effectively solved. The new approach to the assembly process allowed for smooth production, eliminating disruptions related to the problem of adhesion. A meticulous analysis of the problem and the use of an innovative solution allowed us to effectively solve the problem of gasket adhesion. Industries we support


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