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Our machine park opens up a wide range of production possibilities. Thanks to the variety of machines and tools, we produce products tailored to a specific application.


We offer a service of cutting details from tapes, foams, cork, micro-rubber and many other available materials. We use rotary cutting technology and flatbed presses, which allow for very precise, efficient and repeatable production of both small quantities and large series.


Cutting technology involving simultaneous cutting of all layers of materials. A solution for customers looking for personalized product shaping and finishing.


A cutting technology where the cutting knife cuts through the layer of base material and adhesive without cutting the bottom liner. The machines and tools used in this technique are very accurate and repeatable.


A technical solution that facilitates the disassembly of the liner and the application of the finished pattern. Finger lift can have different shapes and dimensions. It often speeds up the process of assembling details.
  • cutting techniques
  • flat die cutting
  • rotary die cutting
  • laser cutting
  • plotter cutting (CNC)
  • tools used in die/kiss cutting

cutting material into rolls – slitting

The process involves cutting material in the form of log rolls into smaller rolls of the width required by the customer. Our machines are adapted to handle a variety of materials, including foil, tapes, paper, fabrics and many others.

1680 mm

Maximum width of the input material

320 mm

Maximum cutting diameter

150 mm*

Maximum cutting width

5 mm

Minimum cutting width

+/- 0,5 mm*

Cutting tolerance depending on materials

3 cale

Internal diameter of the thimble

* W zależności od materiału

longitudinal cutting with rewinding

The service of folding and forming the received belts into the desired forms or arrangements. Flexible shaping of materials allows them to be adapted to specific requirements. In turn, the winding process enables precise wrapping of materials onto rolls in accordance with the customer’s preferences. Thanks to this, we deliver finished products, ready for further use. production processes.



Technique of coating various materials on one or two sides: including PE, EPDM, cork, PVC, PUR, EVA, with adhesive layers (glues, tapes) in order to obtain a self-adhesive material or to combine different materials.


stratification of materials

Separation of materials Delamination is the transverse cutting of materials, as a result of which we are able to obtain thinner sheets or plates. Input thickness, depending on the material, 200-500 cm, thickness of the cut material from 2 mm to 25 mm.



One of the forms of longitudinal cutting to the required width of protective tapes and foils, foams, liners and other materials, which is characterized by a long roll of the final product wound in a spool. This technique ensures greater application efficiency, the possibility of using an automatic reel unwinding machine and fewer line changeovers production, which improves process efficiency.


production in a cleanroom

The cleanroom at our company has a separate machine park and a laboratory independent from other production areas. We have the ability to constantly monitor environmental conditions and test production samples in terms of dimensions and number of particles on manufactured products.


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