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cork spacers

Cork spacers are an irreplaceable packaging material used in the transport of glass panes, insulating glass and car windows. They are composed of two materials: cork and an adhesive layer. Due to its mechanical properties, cork is a load-bearing element. The adhesive layer allows the cork to be easily attached to the glass and prevents it from moving during transport. Both the glue and the special self-adhesive foam ensure perfect adhesion of the spacer to the windows.

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type of adhesion

Due to customer expectations, 3 types of adhesive layer are available.

form of execution

Our dividers are delivered in one of 5 standardized formats

we apply

selection of the appropriate adhesion layer

We offer three types of adhesion as standard, carefully selected taking into account the various expectations and preferences of our customers. From the very beginning of our business, we tested various types of adhesives and foams, which allowed us to determine which of them were the most effective. Our consulting is based on a thorough analysis of needs, which allows us to suggest the most advantageous solutions.
  • spacers with adhesive foam (+ 2mm)

    This is the most frequently chosen solution on the market, preferred by customers. This is a specially developed foam formula that acts as a self-adhesive layer, but is not covered with glue.

  • Spacers with low-tack adhesive

    Low tack glue is a specially selected glue that has a very weak adhesive strength. Thanks to its properties, it is often used in the transport of mirrors and elements that are often repacked. It is as effective as self-adhesive foam.

  • Spacers with high-tack adhesive

    High tack adhesive is a type of adhesion intended for special applications where very high adhesive force is required to prevent the spacer from detaching or moving from a given surface. It is usually used on products that are already properly protected (e.g. wrapped).

in what form we produce our spacers

Thanks to our machinery, we are able to produce spacers in virtually every possible form available on the market. The most popular forms of spacers are: loose, in a sheet or in a roll. Our offer also includes more advanced and technically demanding products, such as bobbins and "pizza" rolls intended for automatic application robots.

Sheet form

Loose form

Spool form

Roll form

,,Pizza" Roll form

industries we support

We optimize our solutions and products by adapting them to the specific challenges faced by various industries. Each project is treated individually, taking into account the unique requirements of the particular market sector.

  • spacers

  • surface protection

branże, które wspieramy

Optymalizujemy nasze rozwiązania i produkty, dostosowując je do specyficznych wyzwań, jakie napotykają różne branże. Każdy projekt traktujemy indywidualnie, uwzględniając unikalne wymagania danego sektora rynku.

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