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Converting is a comprehensive process of modifying raw, original material to obtain a finished product tailored to a specific application or order. The service also includes combining various raw materials to create a product with innovative and unique properties. Converting is the art of adapting self-adhesive materials, e.g. technical tapes, to individual needs and specifications, in line with the customer's expectations.

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converting services

material selection

Determining the project requirements Based on the analysis of the client's needs, we build the characteristics of the details

technology selection

The right raw material is the foundation of every successful conversion project

selection of processing technology

The way in which the material will be cut affects the final properties of the product

our products for converting

We use the highest quality materials in our conversion processes. The solutions we propose meet standards and take into account various types of raw materials that perform functions such as: connecting, sealing, marking, protection, noise suppression and have conductive properties.

converting products features

The key feature of converting is adapting products to specific customer requirements and expectations. It is a service offering die-cut products tailored to market needs.

Converting products are versatile and fulfill a variety of functions, allowing for optimal use in various areas of the industry. Converting helps not only improve functionality, but also the aesthetics and durability of products.

  • Sealing

  • Mounting

  • Connecting

  • Labeling

  • Spacers

  • Surface protection

  • Masking

  • Isolating

  • Filtering

why us

We cooperate with clients all over the world, approaching each of them individually, adapting to their unique needs. We offer a diversified service and range of products, which is why we provide solutions tailored to the requirements of many industries, e.g. automotive, glass industry, household appliances.

We have a modern machinery park with an area of 7,500 m2, which allows us to optimally adapt the services provided to customers, including technology modernization in line with the growing needs of customers and an increasing number of new applications of our products, which confirms our leading role in the converting industry in the territory country and abroad.


The laboratory allows you to control the amount of pollutants present in the air, as well as the parameters of humidity, temperature and pressure. Production in this room is essential for services where the product requires a high level of cleanliness.

knowledgeable advisors technical

Each project is handled by a dedicated advisor, who is the main point of contact for the client. This means that the order fulfillment process runs smoothly and on time. The team includes representatives of the production, quality control, logistics departments and a customer representative.

custom converting services

Together with our clients, we create projects that meet their requirements. Based on the assumptions presented by the client, we design a solution both in terms of functionality and materials.

certified suppliers

Our suppliers have at least the ISO 9001 certificate. Thanks to this, we guarantee not only high quality, but also material stability.

parameter verification products

We test raw materials and the finished product in relation to the supplier's specifications and customer requirements.

ISO 8 certification

We are the only company in Poland that delivers products in accordance with ISO 8 requirements.

over 99% of orders on time

Timely execution of orders is our priority. Thanks to advanced logistics, a professional team and effective management of production processes, we are able to achieve a result that we can be proud of - data for 2022.

low complaint rate 0.15%

In 2023, only a small number of orders were subject to the complaint process, which confirms our commitment to providing products that meet the highest quality standards.

meet ours representative

A sales support specialist is ready to answer your first questions and refer you to the appropriate advisor.

 Anna Kuś
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Case study

A peeling seal in a car door

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The customer reported a problem with a car door lock seal peeling off. The seal made of PVC foam was installed at the last stage of production.


After conducting a detailed analysis of the assembly process, we found that the main cause of the problem was the grease on the metal surface on which the gasket was mounted.


We proposed using a blank of masking tape, which was to be applied to the metal element at the first stage of the process. The tape was intended to protect against contamination, eliminating potential adhesion problems. The tape was removed before the seal was applied, which ensured a clean and prepared surface for installation.


Thanks to the proposed solution, we have completely eliminated the possibility of the detail becoming greasy during the process. The gasket was installed without any problems and the poor adhesion was effectively solved. The new approach to the assembly process allowed for smooth production, eliminating disruptions related to the problem of adhesion. A meticulous analysis of the problem and the use of an innovative solution allowed us to effectively solve the problem of gasket adhesion. Industries we support

industries we support

We optimize our solutions and products, adapting them to the specific challenges faced by various industries. We treat each project individually, taking into account the unique requirements of a given market sector.

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