Sector Household Appliances

As regards our converting operations for the household appliances sector, we offer materials used as components necessary for the production of household appliances.

Our products are present in reputable brands’ household appliances manufactured in Poland and in the EU member states. Thanks to our extensive machine park and long-term cooperation with leading household appliances’ manufacturers we can offer the best solutions in price – quality relationship. We keep modifying our products to adapt to changes in design and to reduce the final product’s manufacturing costs.

As regards household appliances production, we offer ready-made solutions based on foams:  

  • polyurethane (PU) foams,
  • polyethylene (PE) foams,
  • polyvinyl chloride (PVC) foams,
  • cellular rubber (EPDM).

These materials can be coated with an adhesive, which facilitates the installation and shortens the finished goods’ production time.

Products made of the above-mentioned materials are used in a variety of household appliances as:

  • soundproofing elements,
  • sealing elements,
  • filtrating elements,
  • vibration dampeners,
  • spacers and elements securing a product during its transportation,
  • front panels mounting elements

Products of the household appliances sector are often distinguished by an unusual design, which has prompted us to adopt an individual approach, fully adapted to the customer’s requirements. Not only do our products comply with current international industry standards but they also meet the standards you expect. Take advantage of our knowledge and extensive experience gained while cooperating with the leading household appliances’ manufacturers.

Converting products applications in the household appliances sector: