Sector Packaging

Making use of our experience gained while cooperating with top manufacturers in automotive, electronics, household appliances, glass and carpentry sectors, we have created a group of converting product solutions used to protect goods in transit.

Due to the specific nature of every sector, the accessories produced as well as transportation methods, each design must be approached individually, that is why we usually participate in the process of such solutions’ creation as soon as at the stage of their designing using CAD software

We offer products individually tailored to your needs. The materials we usually use to produce parts used for packaging and protection include:

  • PE foams,
  • PU and PUR foams,
  • EVA foams.

Foams’ properties, and particularly their densities, allow for the selection of a foam appropriate for a given part’s weight and the loads transferred. These materials are durable and resistant to various weather conditions, and if subjected to specialized treatment, they allow for very precise creation of effective protection systems in transportation. We use the above-mentioned materials to produce elements such as e.g. positioners of logistic containers (boxes).

If our customer requests so, the parts can be made with an adhesive layer that will facilitate their easy and efficient installation. We are looking forward to doing business with you – converting is our speciality!

Applications of converting products for the packaging sector: